Riteņbraukšanas saulesbrilles Rockbros 10134PL (zilas)

Rockbros Cycling Sunglasses 10134PL

Protect your eyes and give them the best sun protection with Rockbros. The glasses with polarized filter will provide you with excellent visibility in all conditions, and thanks to the large lens area you have an almost unobstructed field of vision. The product is made of high-quality thermoplastic, which gives it tremendous bending and stretching strength. They are extremely lightweight and have adjustable nose pads, which positively affects the comfort of the glasses. They are distinguished by 400 UV protection and can be worn together with corrective frames, which you will find in the set.

See more with polarization

Rockbros 10134PL are more than just ordinary sunglasses! The polarized filter effectively reduces the amount of reflected light, so you won’t see disturbing glare and reflections. What’s more, thanks to polarization, the color saturation is much higher than in the case of lenses without a filter, which further improves visual comfort. Such solutions make the 10134PL eyeglasses great for driving, as well as fishing, or mountain or seaside excursions.

High quality workmanship

High-quality materials were used to make Rockbros sunglasses. The thermoplastic used to make the frames is extremely flexible and lightweight, which makes the glasses so resistant to damage, as well as comfortable. The use of polycarbonate ensures that the lenses do not scratch and are not harmed by impact. The use of high UV protection (400) protects your vision from harmful UVA, UVB, UVC, as well as blue light.

Integrated corrective frames

Are you nearsighted and have a hard time without glasses? Now it’s not a problem! Rockbros eyeglasses are equipped with specially designed frames for corrective lenses, which fit perfectly into the polarized lens and are separated from it by rubber bands. All you have to do is insert the correct lenses for your defect into the frames, and you’ll be able to see cleanly and clearly wherever you are.


Eyeglasses x 1Eyeglasses case x 1Cleaning cloth x 1Eyeglasses pouch x 1Polarization test card x1Integrated frames for corrective lenses x 1′>ManufacturerRockbrosModel10134PLLensesPolarizedUV protection400 UVFrame materialTR90Lens materialPolycarbonateWeightapprox. 29 g



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