Bauer Nexus Geo GripTac Blk 1060061 hokeja nūja

Bauer Nexus Geo GripTac Blk 1060061 hokeja nūja

Bauer Nexus Geo GripTac BLK composite stick Properties: A new stick for the 2020-2021 season. It has a revolutionary technology of the shape of the handle, which makes it incredibly light and versatile. The Bauer NEXUS GEO has a 5-sided pole shaft made in the ER SPINE technology. Thanks to this design, it was possible to reduce the number of carbon fiber layers in the key zone where the stick charges energy. This solution gives a unique stick feel, allowing the player to hold the stick and operate it with even greater control. The stick also generates faster energy transfer to the blade. Combining this with a medium shot profile, located in the center of the stick, it helps to make a quick and very powerful shot. The Bauer NEXUS GEO stick is made of carbon fiber MONOCOMP technology in the TeXtreme technology. The fiber layers are glued with Duraflex resin, tightly bonding the fibers inside and giving them additional strength and strength. The stick weighs only 390 grams through the carbon fiber layers in the Advanced Carbon Layering system. The paddle has an OMNI CORE, giving extra stability and reducing wear. Greater durability without losing the quick release of the disc. If you are a professional and very demanding player, the Bauer NEXUS GEO is a versatile stick, very light, but without losing strength and power. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Purpose Elite level, Ice Hockey, Senior field player Technology Shot Technology: ER SPINE Technology Shaft Technology: Light Asymmetric TeXtreme® Design; ACL Technology (55 flex and above); DuraFlex, bonded with resin Blade technology: ACL technology (55 flex and above); OMNICORE (55 flex and above) Monocomp design Left shoulder, right Weight 390g



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